The Day the Lights Went Out at Home-

Spring 2012

Although I planned to install a generator for my personal home use, I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  I arrived home early on a Sunday afternoon. Unable to open the garage doors, questions flooded over me. Maybe the control needed fresh batteries? Do I even have a house key? Yes!

After parking my car in the driveway, I went in and started to warm a leftover steak lunch.

Flashing digital clocks confirmed my worst fear. It wasn’t a need for new batteries that prevented the garage door from opening but a power failure. How could this happen on a sunny day.

Now what? I was rather perplexed at this point since what I wanted to eat required electricity. I found some lettuce and vegetables to top my cold lunch and wondered how long the outage would last.

Since the TV wasn’t working, I decided to read a good book instead. Having gone camping last summer, I at least had a couple of battery operated lights to read by. After working on the lamps to get the maximum light on the page of the book I was reading, I continued to ponder the situation. I wondered how long before power returned. What caused the power outage?  Would the refrigerated and frozen food survive?

After several hours without lights, heat or electricity, the power final came back.  I went out, opened the garage, and pulled my car in, promptly deciding pioneer days would be the wrong period of time for me to live. I couldn’t fathom life without electricity in the past, much less  in the 21st century.

Thankfully the power outage was comparatively short in duration. I resolved to take action and prepare my family for the future of power outages, rolling brown outs and black outs.