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Power Outage Conquest- A storm rages outside. Rain pours like a monsoon. Loud thunder and blinding flashes of lightning, waking me from the depths of my sleep. I want to turn over and go back to the land of dreams, but the sound keeps me awake. The Comfort of a Standby Generator Then I see the flicker of the clock radio as it goes off and back on again. Wow! How comforting to have a standby generator which kicked in a couple of times that night. My fan still hummed above me, and the air […]

Prepared for Power Outage- May 7, 2012  The Generac backup generator is now installed. No longer is my family subject to power outages, brownouts or blackouts. I have peace of mind with our own backup power source, a one year’s supply of food and four months of water supply. These are only some of the things I recommend people do to be independent and prepared. Check under the Resources section for an article on Strategies to Prepare for more helpful information. You can call me a prepper, paranoid, or whatever.  Just don’t call me when […]

The Day the Lights Went Out at Home- Spring 2012 Although I planned to install a generator for my personal home use, I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  I arrived home early on a Sunday afternoon. Unable to open the garage doors, questions flooded over me. Maybe the control needed fresh batteries? Do I even have a house key? Yes! After parking my car in the driveway, I went in and started to warm a leftover steak lunch. Flashing digital clocks confirmed my worst fear. It wasn’t a need for new batteries that prevented […]

Surprise! No Lights! By Gary Armstrong  Minding my own business, taking a shower, getting ready to go to church when… DARKNESS! Now when you are in an interior room with no windows and the lights go out, it is DARK! Not dim, but total blackout. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face! It’s amazing what thoughts fly through your mind when something like that happens. My knee jerk reaction was “the water is going to go cold!” Gas water heater – not gonna happen. My mind quieted that fear. Next came […]