Power Outage Conquest-

A storm rages outside. Rain pours like a monsoon. Loud thunder and blinding flashes of lightning, waking me from the depths of my sleep. I want to turn over and go back to the land of dreams, but the sound keeps me awake.

The Comfort of a Standby Generator

Then I see the flicker of the clock radio as it goes off and back on again. Wow! How comforting to have a standby generator which kicked in a couple of times that night. My fan still hummed above me, and the air condition overcame the humidity. The humming sound of the backup generator soothed me as a fire truck siren screamed though the neighborhood.  When everything settled down, the rain still pelted against the window, lulling me back to sleep. Worries of no alarm or uncomfortable temperatures fled with the thunder as it rolled off in the distance.

 Independence from the electrical power grid is amazing! I rest with confidence in my generator’s ability to protect my family against power outages.

Natural disasters, storms and power shortages can all cause temporary power outages. In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you have a reliable, trustworthy source for gas generators. Call us today so you too can be prepared for electrical power outages – no matter what causes them.

Free Site Assessment

Power outages are occurring more frequently, often without any identifiable reason. Standby generators go on — automatically — protecting you and your home 24/7. Call Bald Eagle Construction, LLC at 817-825-2036 today for a free site assessment regarding your backup generator. Don’t lose sleep because you failed to prepare.