Portable vs Permanent Standby Generator

Question is, should you have a portable generator or a standby, backup generator system installed in your home or office? There are many things to consider, such as :

1) do you want the inconvenience of no electricity during a power outage?
2) would you like the convenience of  a generator kicking in as soon as the power goes off?
3) would you like the convenience of natural gas (NG) or propane (LP) so you don’t have to hassle with gas or kerosene?
4) Do you want to have to deal with running extension cords throughout your home or office from your portable generator?

An installed standby system is the way to go if your budget allows. We will do everything possible to stay within your budget, for sure.

Now, if you are like me, the answers above are obvious, but the question that remains is, what is involved in installing a standby, backup generator system? Well, that’s where Bald Eagle Construction, LLC comes in.

The steps involved are:
1) Do a site assessment to determine the wattage/amps necessary to carry your load. What appliances/equipment/lights do you desire to be operational when the power is out? This is done by a licensed electrician/engineer.
2) Pick out the perfect generator for you needs
3) City permits obtained
4) Prepare the site and lay a concrete pad for the unit.
5) Licensed plumber and electrician to run the pipe for natural gas or propane and the electrical wiring to hookup your new unit and tie in to your electrical panel.
6) Heavy equipment to lift the compressor and position on pad
7) Sheetrock repair as necessary
8) Testing and training so you understand your new unit.

As you can see, the list is extensive and should not be done (and cannot be done, legally) by an unlicensed person. We look forward to talking with you about protecting your home or office from the next power outage with a standby, backup generator system.

Jill Taylor Gordon, CEO
Bald Eagle Construction, LLC